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                    LATEST NEWS AND PICTURES   2021

                                                        Entries are in reverse date order

11 June 2021   Tenbury

      I have completed the slider for Peg 6 which is on the entry for 9 June 2021. I have realised  (at last you will all say) that photographs of steps are very, very, BORING so I will save myself the effort of producing yet more sliders of steps. Suffice to say that I have started on peg 8 which we had advised anglers not fish because of an overhanging half fallen tree. Back in the days before the pandemic (September 2020) a friend of Tony Whittney, with Tony's help, cut down and dragged out the offending tree without totally destroying the rickety fishing platform on the bank beneath. Since then the old stage has been dragged out and three post inserted with a back board. I'm fairly certain that this is the work of Tony Quarterman and Kevin Tandler but when I phoned Tony yesterday he still has not recovered enough from the stroke he suffered to be able to say. The bank has been cut back and a handy earth platform created in place of the crumbling wooden one..

     The steps required down to the platform are very steep but mercily quite a short run. The potential for problems with tree roots verges on the certainty but Richard (of Secretay fame) is due to arrive at 10 am sharp on Tuesday so we should be able to deal with any eventuality.

9 June 2021    Tenbury

    Tony Whittney has unleased his brush cutter to cut a path along the top of the bank. It was just the right time to cut as the vegetation has reached its maximum.It has certainly helped me to move about.

    I have finished the steps at peg 3 and made a start on Peg 6 - the Bream Hole. Thank goodness we put the Peg numbers up because it was difficult enough to find out where to start with the height of the vegetation being so great. I had to cut my way down the bank to find out what had already been done in the way of making steps. The height of the bottom step is really too much so I will have to work something out for that.

    I have added the photos of the completed steps at Peg 3 to the slider on the 4th of June and will make a new slider for Peg 6.

Tenbury Peg 6 after strimming
Tenbury Peg 6 Existing steps
Tenbury Peg 6 bottom three in place
Tenbuury Peg 6 angled top step2
Tenbuury Peg 6 Earth Steps
Tenbuury Peg 6 Branches

4 June 2021     Tenbury

    Peg 3 was almost impossible to navigate before Kevin Tandler, Tony Q. and Ian Wilson at various times cut some steps into the smooth marl bank. I only had time to reinforce four of the steps with wooden bars and pack the erosion cavities under a root   which helps to create another step. 

     A puncture on the way home was the usual recovery-service story of short staffages due to Pandemic, unprecedented demand due to easing of Pandemic regulations, 3 to 4 hours before anyone can get to you, thank you very much I'll do it myself.

     I'm going again tomorrow (7th) with the hope of doing the rest of that flight of steps. In the meantime I will leave you to look at another slider. 

     I have added the images for the completion of the steps at Peg 3 (9.06.21).

Tenbury Peg 3 before path cleared
Tenbury Peg 3 after path cut
Tenbury Peg 3 Existing steps
Tenbury Peg 3 Top section
Tenbury Peg 3 Mid section
Tenbury Peg 3 Bottom
Tenbury Peg 3 Bottom from below
Tenbury Peg 3 Root step
Tenbuury Peg 6 Branches

25-26 May 2021   Tenbury  Peg 5

    The Chairman has been stepping again. What a damn shame we couldn't do the jobs at Tenbury that we wanted to do during the winter when the vegetation was down. I was working on Peg 5 and as you can see from the photographs the vegetation has practically overwhelmed it. In the winter you could see where the path was and the steps that Kevin Tandler and Tony Quarterman had dug . I'm very pleased that we put the numbers up so that you can still find the pegs.

    Tree root were a bit of a problem and the bottom step had a layer of pebbles to work through but otherwise no big problems. It took took me two days to do this little task which I would have done in a morning thirty years ago. Still the rivers at home were too coloured to fish and it kept me out of mischief. (I fished today (27th) on the Wye and Irfon at Builth and had about half a dozen trout but not one grayling. Give it another fortnight and a clearer river and there would have been more grayling than trout.I was fishing weighted nymphs Eurostyle.)

    While I was creating havoc with the steps the wheezing grunt of a Goosander made me turn round to see a family party of two duck goosanders and 14 ducklings making their way up the other side of the river. How I wished for a duck-eating Otter to arrive and scoff the lot.

    I have put the photos on a slider so just click on the photo to activate the slider then click on the left or right arrow and it will move to the next.

Peg 5 Before
Peg 5 Top part
Peg 5 Bottom part
Peg 5 Top part after strimming
Peg 5 Bottom part after stremming
Peg 5 Top part steps reinforced
Peg 5 Top part showing steepness
Peg 5 Bottom 3 steps reinforced
Peg 5 After

15 May 2021  Wickens

New Kids on the Block

   Peter Bennet and Alex Greenhow showed their colours on saturday. Peter was hanging back for bets on his debut at the previous competition with just a pound (although he lost a good carp) but Alex just stormed in on his debut to come equal second with Dave Hemming. Just a little tweek to the end gear might have put several of the carp he hooked into the net to easily claim first place. Watch out you old hands - we have competition!

  Carp are like cats in that they move to the warmest place they can find. Shirley fishing in the corner of the lake where the cold water from the inflow came in never had a bite. Ian was fishing to the corner of the Island nearest to the inflow and caught a couple of carp first thing before the heavy rain arrived and increased the inflow. It always amazes me how long it takes for the warm and cold patches of water to mix. Sometimes on a lake a patch of water may be very coloured with mud and you can watch it move round for hours before it mixes. Put an island into the equation and trying to work out where a patch will go needs a super computer. 

   Peter fished the same bank as Shirley but about half way along towards the dam. He could cast towards the west end of the island which must have been protected by the island from the cold water. He also caught from just in tront of him. The breeze was from behind him with deeper water in front so the breeze would push the cool surface water away from him and the warmer deeper water would well up there.

    I was on the North bank (the left bank as you stand on the dam) happily waiting for the breeze to veer round - but it didn't. Alex was on the same bank but casting across to the island whereas I was fishing close to my bank.

    Dave Evason fished back of the island further away from the inflow than Ian and didn't catch a carp. The Roach and Perch he was catching do not seem quite so fussy about temperature as the carp. Richard fished in the North East corner well away from the inflow but where the breeze was pushing some of the cooler water. Dave Hemmings was fishing the deep water from the dam which was probably little affected by the light breeze causing only small currents.

    Alex suffered as Ian did in the previous contest with losing several carp. He was using banded pellets and found that he had to come down to a size sixteen before they would take. Fishing with a feeder at fairly long range requires a fairly robust rod so small hooks tend to pull out. It is one of those conundrums which seems intractable at times but deeply frustrating.

    Despite the weather not being the most pleasant everyone seemed to enjoy the day. The neatly trimmed grass and trees is a constant pleasure with our gratitude to Shirley and Ian not forgotten. Thanks heavens that the pandemic is retreating to allow us to fish again.


I have set up the images for the "Duckling Protection Project" taken by our very own "Izaac Walton Super Snapper".Jane Stowe. They appear below for 11 April 2021.

24 April 2021  Wickens

   I have been mentally rehearsing how to fish for 12 months and took two days finding where all my fishing tackle was hidden. I found an enormous keepnet that I had bought about three years ago hidden in the garage. It was so heavy I hadn't used it.but I thought it would save me the embarrassment of explaining why there were several large stones concealed amidst my fish when I came to weigh-in as my previous net tended to float up.

   By lunchtime the two three inch roach I had captured were developing agorophobia in the echoing emptiness of my keepnet.I had been using bread punch on a 14 hook and grounbaiting with liquidised bread about three rod length out. No-one was catching carp in quantity so tiddler snatching was the order of the day to provide company for the two tiny roach. Reduced the hook size to 18 but kept the hook length to 3lb because of the carp. Reduced the float size to 4 No.6 and came in to 1 3/4 rod lengths.and kept the bread going in. Two bonus carp of about 2lb each meant I just pipped Tony to the post.

    Tony deserved to win for catching such such a lovely Perch (2-12-00) along with several other perch and the ubiqitous roach on bread and maggots. Ian, who won the only match we fished here last year, could so easily have been top again but lost 4 carp back of the island. Peter Moutford gave us all a half day start which proved too generous on the day but caught well in difficult conditions

.   I didn't learn what dreadful acts of bad luck befell the two Daves but the other Peter (Bennett) was visible from where I was fishing so I saw his bad lluck first hand. Late in the afternoon he hooked a big carp close in which chose to thrash about at the top like a trout, with the same inevitable result - the hook came out. 

.    Nine people fished and nine weighed-in which was an achievement in view of the conditions - a bitterly cold, gusty wind and  a bright sun. The wind eventually eased about five o'clock. The water was quitee coloured so I guess they have been feeding early and late.

     The "Keep at a safe distance" weighing-in protocol as a nod to the pandemic worked very well thanks to Dave Evason's experience of competition fishing during the winter combined with Richard's distribution of the guidlines. 

     Despite the cold wind it was a glorious day to be out in the fresh air and meeting  everyone after such a long time. Shirley and Ian have been ensuring that the surroundings are as good as ever. The bridges over muddy bits and carefully trimmed grass and branches. lend an air of gentility becoming of a stately home.

     I can't wait to be fishibg again.

16 April 2021 Tenbury

Delightedto find that the steps I had strengthened had withstood the winter floods relatively intact. The steps had been created by Kevin Tandler and Tony Quarterman and I had strengthened them by adding a length of 3 inch diameter, treated, wooden pole along the leading edge of each step. The bar is let into the step by delicately hacking a chunk out with a spade and held in place by delicately hammering a couple of 33mm lengths of 10mm galvanised,threaded rod through predrilled holes in the pole.  I have taken a photo of the setup  to demonstrate what it looks like on the slider below.. 

An adantage of this approach is that it is very adaptable, the pole can be up to 8 feet long and the retaining rods up to 3 feet long.With the longer poles I usually put more rods through them. The predrilled holes do not need to be aligned with one another, in fact I deliberately angled them a few degrees away  from one another to resist displacement. Also they are angled a few degrees away from the front face of the step to prevent weakening it.


II April 2021 Wickens Pool

    Jane Stowe sent me these photos of members and family members boating at Wickens Pool. The aim and object was to put a duckling proof cap over the outlet and to remove some overhanging branches from the island.

     Shirley provided all the materials for the duckling cover and planned the operation. I have heard no reports of missing persons or suspicious deaths so I am assuming that no-one was marooned on the island or drowned. Ian dragooned several of his family to help with the manpower for which we are very grateful.

    Both operations resulted in a successful outcome so many thanks to all involved. The photographer never appears on the picture but I thank Jane very much for all her trouble trying to meet all my demands for more pixels and more information so I award her the title of Izaac Walton Super Snapper.

The first photographs show some of the features of the Duckling Protection Project while the last three concern the branch retrieval plan.I'm sorry that I missed it but I was  concerned that I might fall foul of the Welsh Stay Local border restrictions.

Click on the image to increase the size

3 April 2021 Happy New Year

   When I put some strenthener bars into the steps at peg 9  on New Tenbury water little did I realise that it would be Spring before I would be permitted by the control freaks in Cardiff to cross the border from where I live in Wales. During November, December and January the steps have been under water by as much as ten feet of fast flowing water so it will be with some trepidation that I will eventually visit them.

    24 April 2021 at Wickens marks the first IWAS competition for twelve months and I'm already getting excited. The crazy weather we have had over the last week with temperatures over 20 Degs. on a couple of days and a high of 9 Degs. promised for tomorrow should ruin any predictions for 20 days time. Will it be pinkies on a size 20 or floating dog biscuits? Anyway it will be great fun and the fish will probably be queing up  for the bait.  


Tenbury Peg 3 before path cleared
Tenbury Peg 3 after path cut
Tenbury Peg 3 Existing steps
Tenbury Peg 3 Top section
Tenbury Peg 3 Mid section
Tenbury Peg 3 Bottom from below
Tenbury Peg 3 Bottom
Tenbury Peg 3 Root step