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Entries are in reverse date order

20 May 2020

     Tony Whittney has been getting the Tenbury water ready for the off by running his brush cutter down the side of the stretch to make a path through the vegetation along the top of the bank. 


12 May 2020

       Angling ban under Covid-19 restrictions lifted for individual anglers with social distancing still in force. No competitions yet but a great step in the right direction. 

25 March 2020

        Please be aware that Angling Trust has written to the Sports Minister highlighting the benefits to both physical health and mental wellbeing that angling provides.  The Trust has asked whether fishing is an allowed form of exercise although until clarification is received the recommendation is that fisheries are closed and that we should all refrain from fishing.


Pending further guidance from the Sports Minister/Angling Trust please therefore also consider all Society waters closed for the time being even for individual (non-fixture) fishing.

23 March 2020

      I spoke too soon. Big,Bad Boris says that no more than two people can arrange to meet. This is an attempt to slow down the spread of the Corvid-19 virus. So that does for fishing competitions at the moment. We will circulate the membership when the ban is lifted.

22 March 2020

    The AGM that was arranged for Tuesday 24th (two days time) has been postponed until further notice due to Coronavirus concerns. The fishing fixtures have not been affected of course.

    We fished at Wickens yesterday and the bright sun and cold east wind made for a grueller. We had decided to finish fishing at 5 o'clock to be able to weigh-up in daylight despite knowing that the last hour would be the best chance for a carp. Ian demostrated how true the prediction was by catching four carp in the last hour of the competition - hooking the last one on the whistle!

     I will put the results up when I get the list from Richard but in the meantime if anyone has any ideas who or what has mangled a few dozen toads and left the remains along the bank I would be interested to hear their theory. Tony Quarterman thought that it might be the pair of Canada geese doing a "Mad Axeman" act of wanton violence. Richard maintained that toads are quite venomous and reported that his dog had chewed one and frothed at the mouth. I thought it was probably rabies but didn't like to mention it because he is a bit of a worrier (the dog - not Richard).

 March 2020.

    The snowdrops are almost gone and the daffodils are fine and St David has been and gone and trout fishing starts tomorrow on the river so Spring is on its way.  The AGM, combined with the presentation of the prizes, is on Tuesday 24 March 2020 at Redhill Social Club 7 for 7.30 and I'm not going to spoil your evening by disclosing who won the Fly Cup. To see the AGM agenda with more details of the ending of the fishing at Rhyse medow CLICK HERE