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16 April 2021 Tenbury

Delightedto find that the steps I had strengthened had withstood the winter floods relatively intact. The steps had been created by Kevin Tandler and Tony Quarterman and I had strengthened them by adding a length of 3 inch diameter, treated, wooden pole along the leading edge of each step. The bar is let into the step by delicately hacking a chunk out with a spade and held in place by delicately hammering a couple of 33mm lengths of 10mm galvanised,threaded rod through predrilled holes in the pole.  I have taken a photo of the setup  to demonstrate what it looks like. 

An adantage of this approach is that it is very adaptable, the pole can be up to 8 feet long and the retaining rods up to 3 feet long.With the longer poles I usually put more rods through them. The predrilled holes do not need to be aligned with one another, in fact I deliberately angled them a few degrees away  from one another to resist displacement. Also they are angled a few degrees away from the front face of the step to prevent weakening it.


II April 2021 Wickens Pool

Jane Stowe sent me these photos of members boating at Wickens Pool. The aim and object was to put a duckling proof cap over the outlet. I'll find out more about it  later.

Wickpool Padlrs1
Wickpool Comp 2
Wickpool Comp 1

3 April 2021 Happy New Year

   When I put some strenthener bars into the steps at peg 9  on New Tenbury water little did I realise that it would be Spring before I would be permitted by the control freaks in Cardiff to cross the border from where I live in Wales. During November, December and January the steps have been under water by as much as ten feet of fast flowing water so it will be with some trepidation that I will eventually visit them.

    24 April 2021 at Wickens marks the first IWAS competition for twelve months and I'm already getting excited. The crazy weather we have had over the last week with temperatures over 20 Degs. on a couple of days and a high of 9 Degs. promised for tomorrow should ruin any predictions for 20 days time. Will it be pinkies on a size 20 or floating dog biscuits? Anyway it will be great fun and the fish will probably be queing up  for the bait.