Results 2024

Competitions   2024

Wickens' Pool     16 March2024   Competition

John Stevens                 9-11-00     Carp  4-06-00

Kevin Johnson               6-10-00

Ian Wilson                       2-11-00

Dave Evason                 2-05-00

Steve Johnson                  10-00

Shirley Allington                 4-00


Seven fished including R Stowe

Wickens' Pool    6 April2024     Competition

Kevin Johnson              8-06-00          Carp  5-09-00

Ian Wilson                     2-04-00

Richard Stowe             1-14-00

Steve Johnson              1-12-00

Shirley Allington                01-00 


Five fished and all caught.

Wicken's Pool    20 April 2024     Silver Fish Competition

John Stevens                 6-08-00      Perch  1-11-00

Lance Burton                  5-01-00

Peter Mountford             3-11-00  

Dave Evason                  3-04-00

Ian Wilson                       2-01-00

Shirley Allington              1-04-00 

Steve Johnson                   13-00

Richard Stowe                   11-05


Eight fished and all caught.

Carp excluded from this competition although large specimens could be considered for the Presidents Shield which is awarded for the largest fish caught in competitions in home waters during the year. Heaviest contender so far this year is Kevin Johnson's 5lb 9oz carp caught at the previous competition. The two carp landed during this competition by Ian Wilson were obviously less than 5lb so were not weighed.