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Izaak Walton Angling Society Rules

1. Application forms for membership of the Society are obtainable from the website, the Honorary Secretary or Honorary Treasurer.

2.Boys and girls who are under the age of eighteen on 1st January in the current year may be accepted as Junior members of the Society. The appropriate annual subscription is required and a full subscription becomes payable on the next 1st January after reaching the age of eighteen.

3.Subscriptions and the cost of day permits for friends are fixed annually by the Committee. Subscriptions are due in advance every 1st January and must be paid by members for the current year before fishing the Society's waters.

4.Members who (a) are not less than sixty five years of age and (b) have been members for at least ten consecutive years may pay a "concessionary" subscription of three quarters of the current full subscription for the year.

5.Subscriptions from existing members should be paid to the Honorary Treasurer by the last day of February each year. After that date any member who has not renewed his subscription will automatically have resigned his membership of the Society and the resulting vacancy may thereafter be filled.

6.A current membership card must be carried whenever fishing Society waters and be shown on request to any other member, water bailiffs, the landowners or their agents.

7.Friends' day permits at the prevailing cost, decided annually by the Committee, can be issued to any Senior member personally on application to the Honorary Secretary or if he is unavailable to the Chairperson or Honorary Treasurer. The friend or friends concerned must be accompanied, when fishing, by the member to whom the permits have been issued.

8.The following restrictions apply to all Society waters:-

a) No means of fishing other than with rod and line is allowed.

b) No member or friend may use more than one rod whilst river fishing although may use two rods at the same time on Society still waters except in competitions.

c) A Society salmon permit is required to fish for salmon in Society waters.

d) All trout and grayling, regardless of size and however caught, and even if dead or dying, must be returned to the water immediately. Trout and grayling may never be retained in keepnets. The exception to this rule is that grayling may be retained in keepnets for the duration of notified Society contests providing they are returned to the water immediately following weigh-in.

e) Dogs, whether or not on a lead, are not permitted on Society waters.

9.Society Contest dates are notified to members by the Honorary Secretary. In Contests a six inch limit will apply, except for gudgeon (four inches) and eels (not less than two ounces in weight). Trout, pike and bleak of any size are not eligible for weigh in. Contests referred to in Society Rules 8 and 9 are Contests on Society owned or controlled river waters only.

10.Junior members must always be accompanied by an adult person whenever fishing in Society waters.

11.Any member who misconducts himself/herself so as to become a source of annoyance to other members or wilfully causes damage to crops or fences or in any way acts in an unsportsmanlike or ungentlemanly manner may be asked to appear before the Committee and his/her membership may be withdrawn in which case he/she shall forfeit all claims on the Society.

12.The current Rules of the Society shall be absolutely binding on all members. They shall only be changed by a majority vote of those Senior members actually attending and voting at a General Meeting of the Society.