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Downstream from Ham Bridge

We have given up the fishing at Rhyse Meadow (Tenbury) which joins the Tenbury Fishing that we have recently bought and are in the process of improving access to the pegs. (5.10.20)

Discarded line must  be taken home

If you have to discard some line or if you find some discarded line on the bank or bushes collect it up and take it home to dispose in the bin as it is a threat to wildlife. Also we have had instances at Wicken's Pool where discarded line has become entangled in the mowing machine. The volunteer who mows the grass says that if people can't be bothered to collect up their discarded line he isn't prepared to carry on mowing it.

One of the features of the fishing at Wicken's is the lawn which surrounds the pool so that in wet weather we may fish without  ending up covered in red marl and in dry weather covered in ants. Show your appreciation of the work done to create such lovely surroundings by collecting up any litter or (especially) discarded line so that we can continue to fish in luxurious surroundings.


Mr R H Stowe

32 Clifford Road





Mr J L Burton

Angle House

Pentrosfa Crescent

Llandrindod Wells

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