MEMBERSHIP      (To Renew Subscription  click Here)

     Welcome to the Society. We hope that you have many happy hours by the waterside on the many venues that you may visit within the Society's waters. 

      The modern world we live in dictates that we have to have insurance and the  insurance company request information on the age and gender of the members of the Society. So please bear with us when we ask that you disclose  your date of birth when joining. 

Members who wish to take a friend or friends fishing with them for the odd day may purchase a guest permit from the secretary for £5.00 per day. Member must accompany guest at all times and is restricted to the date and venue of the permit.

 Annual subscriptions run from 1st January to 31st December inclusive. Be aware that this is for the year starting on January the first and not for twelve from when you join. If you join part way through the year you are still required to pay for the whole year's subscription. 

     It is a Society's rule that you may not fish until you have obtained membership.

Annual Subscription is  £45.00

Junior (18 or under on 1st Jan)  £5.00

Salmon permit add £6.00