Latest News and Pictures 2024

Latest News and Pictures 2024

Entries in Reverse date order

20 April 2024 Wicken's Pool Silver fish Contest.

One of those early Spring days where if you were in the sun and out of the wind your stripped off all your woolies but conversely in the breeze and out of the sun you were frozen stiff. Still without my glasses following my cataract operation my wife magnanimously ferried me to Wickens and dumped me there while she went off shopping and visiting relatives.

The fish fed fairly well before midday but the afternoon was a struggle. I used liquidised bread and a few maggots to attract the fish with maggot as hookbait. I tried bread punch but having to use a large float because of my compromised eyesight the shy-biting fish simply ate the bread and thanked me with a bare hook. A five metre elasticated whip with orange Hydrolastic, 2.5lb Supplex hooklength and a size 18 hook completed the outfit. Attention to the hook is vital when Perch are being caught as their bony mouths can ruin a hook in seconds. When the hook is new it will slide into a maggot without any problem but after a time catching perch you will be struggling to hook the maggots cleanly and struggling to keep a perch from falling off - time to change the hook.

John Stevens whose winning 6 1/2lb catch was boosted by a lovely perch of 1lb 11oz rang the changes of bait between red and white maggots, dead red maggots and pinkies. They all seemed about equally effective.

6 April 2024   Wickens' Pool   Contest

A very coloured and  very windy Wickens' Pool welcomed the contestants when driving up the track with all your gear was but a faded memory.

Everyone caught fish but inevitably some more than others. I wasn't there to record the event so cannot record if Shirley's one ounce consisted of more than one fish or more than one species but it was more than the total catch of one contest there last year so is not to be sneezed at.

Kevin had two good carp in his catch with one being a beauty of 5lb 9oz. and Ian caught the only other carp to gain second place. Richard acted on his observation at the previous contest - "I should have brought some maggots" - by edging out Steve and gaining third by 2oz.

Congratulations to everyone for catching in such difficult conditions. I have recovered from my cataract operation and hoping to have new glasses so that I can fish the next contest on the 20th of this month revisiting Wickens'. This is an innovation for us being a silver fish-only competition. 

Don't write off carp fishing on that day if that is your preference because although carp do not count towards the catch for the competition on that day any large specimens will be weighed and considered for the President's Shield competition. This is awarded for the largest fish caught in a competition during the season. This was won last year by John Stevens with a 6lb carp caught on the 22nd of April - one of ten he caught on that day at Wickens'

16 March 2024  Wickens' Pool Contest

Bright start then overcast; light rain before midday, heavy rain late afternoon. The water was very coloured due to recent rain. John Stevens led the way with three carp (9-11-00) followed by Kevin Johnson with 2 carp plus some silver fish for 6-10-00.

Ian Wilson had a carp and some silver fish for 2-11-00 closely followed Dave Evason with 2-05-00 who missed out on the carp. 

Steve Johnson and Shirley Allington also missed out on the carp registering 10 oz and 4 oz respectively. 

Richard Stowe missed out on the carp and the silver fish - is reported to have said "I should have brought some maggots".

Report compiled by Lance Burton from information supplied by Richard Stowe.