News & Pictures 2018

2018         NEWS AND PICTURES 

Newbridge on Wye    25 October 2018

       Richard and Roger showed me how to do it again while I struggled once more with the nymphs, although I think I am getting a little better as I caught many small grayling. It has been a feature of the sport at Newbridge this year that we have caught a bigger proportion of small fish than I can remember. Perhaps it is the abnormal river conditions which have brought this about. I'm thinking on the lines of swings and roundabout and looking forward to lots of big fish next year.

       It has been a very enjoyable year and we have had lots of fun pulling people's legs when they have caught a little grayling. The weather has been kind to us most of the time although we did click a couple of times for high water. The last flood on the 4th and 5th of October was one of those very damaging types which rises very quickly and rips out trees and damages the banks. It is sobering to be standing in the water and looking at the high tide mark on the bank above you. A large oak tree stranded on the beach at Upper Hoyvell bears witness to the enormous force of the water.

       I'm hoping that as it dries out a subsequent flood will bear it away to be someone else's problem. Green oak is very heavy, like Hawthorn,  and many an innocent working party has been horrified to see the big branch they have cut off sink out of sight rather than swing to the side on the rope they are holding !!

      So ends another Newbridge season and our thoughts turn to the Christmas contest at Wickens on the 25th of November. Will we have had some rain to colour the water so that I can use my pole or will it be clear so I can use my new waggler rod - exciting anticipation. Will I beat one of the Dave's (Evason and Hemming) or both of them ......or neither of them!  Wait and see.

Wickens   25 November 2018     Christmas Contest

    Last fling before Christmas on the IWAS fixture list when the fish go crazy - sometimes. I had an excuse for not catching anything last year because the forecast for heavy snow that evening kept me snug in the Welsh mountains. This time I didn't have any excuse. The only consolation was that a proven member on the competition scene sat either side of me and they blanked as well.

     Congratulations to Dave Hemming with a fine bag of carp and of course his signature - a big perch.  Peter Mountford showed his class again repeating his habit of clutching a large fish for the camera and Richard is making a habit of being in the frame. Martyn Macefield left it a bit late but had a nice carp to celebrate for his perseverance and Connor Steward winkled one out on the pole.

     The four also-rans hooked two fish between then which both got off. Dave Evason came as near as saying a naughty word as he is capable of, and distance and poor hearing prevented me from hearing what Ian said. Tony Quarterman who has very good eyesight admitted that his float twitched three times but never developed into a bite.

     I had some fun at Connor's expense at the prize giving by getting him to admit that his pole rig had a 12 ounce hooklength and that he had lost two carp in addition to the one he landed. This provoked the expected reaction that  "you can't expect to catch carp on cobweb gear"  but he had the last  laugh and the  prize to prove that you can! Perhaps a 1lb 12oz bottom might be a reasonable compromise.

     Where were the roach ?? 

     Come on,  tell me,  Where were the roach?  We all know that roach are the classical winter fish and carp feed in warm weather.  The fish in Wickens Pool defy the textbook. I fished for more than three hours with a pinkie on a size 20 hook (admittedly with a 2.5lb bottom) and never had a bite.

     After the fish had been weighed and we all assembled in the yard Richard did his usual suave job of presenting the prizes. I did my usual job of confusing which prize was which but eventually it was sorted out to everyone's satisfaction. I was determined that I should have the wooden spoon but they prised it from my grasp and presented it to Connor.  Apparently you have to catch a fish to qualify for wooden spoons.!

    My thanks to everyone for bringing so many prizes and making it so much fun. My thanks especially to our worthy secretary Richard Stowe for all his hard work during the year and being on hand with the scales and the pen and paper so that everything runs smoothly at the competitions.

     Talking of running smoothly may I thank Shirley for mowing round the pool which  adds so much to everyones enjoyment. Also to Ian and Shirley for their hard work around the pool, cutting off branches, shoring up the bank, building bridges over ditches and all the other things that they do which go unnoticed but make it a pleasure to fish.

     I hope you all have a very good Christmas and a happy new year.



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Dave with a lovely Perch  1-12-00

Peter with a Christmas carp 2-14-00

       Richard's carp catch 4-00-00

The turnout for the Christmas Contest at Wickens Pool

19 October

   Peter Mountford sent me this photo of him cradling an 8 lb 14 oz barbel he caught at Newmill bridge a couple of days ago. Legered luncheon meat caused its downfall

Newbridge on Wye    4 October 2018

     Dave Evason showed the way  using  maggots to catch the grayling then in the afternoon he had a go with sweetcorn just below the Ithon and caught a couple of nice Chub.

     Richard and Roger showed me how to catch them on a fly while my weighted nymph approach was viewed with disdain by the grayling. Richard

Junior Competition  Wickens Pool  16 September 2018

     Four teams took part this year but the frequently successful team of Connor  and Dave Hemming were blown out of the water by Tarlia and Ian Wilson. Everyone caught fish but Tarlia herself caught almost as much as the other three teams combined so with Ian chipping in over 6 pounds victory was assured. Adam and Rosie have some very accomplished tutors and will soon be posing a threat for the opposition while Connor will be shuffling off on his Zimmer frame.

     The photos show how much the youngsters enjoy themselves and how much Shirley's mowing adds to our enjoyment.

     Many thanks to all who helped make it such a success.

Wickens Pool  29 September 2018

    Some people like to handicap themselves so Peter fished bread punch for roach - and had a cracking bag of them - and he still beat me!  I had a cunning plan (of course); attract the carp with maggots and groundbait and fish with small cubes of luncheon meat to avoid the roach hordes. It worked like a dream in the last tem minutes when the carp decided to eat the luncheon meat !  Before that I had to resort to Plan B which was to fish with a heavy float with all the shot bunched near to the bait so that the maggot bait would dive down through the  horde - but usually the roach were too quick and caught the bait.

    Ian caught his on a pellet feeder while Dave (Evason) took to the shadows and pole fished small pieces of sweetcorn a few inches from the side. It was a glorious sunny Autumn day but with a keen breeze and Dave emerged blinking  in the early afternoon sun frozen stiff to find us baking in the sunshine.

Newbridge 20 September 2018

  The forecast was for very heavy rain and indeed it was. In Llandrindod I emptied out one inch of rain by lunchtime and another inch the next morning. It seemed to miss (to some extent) the upper Wye but the Irfon which comes in at Builth reached the highest level recorded for some years.

Newbridge on Wye     6 September 2018 

    Definite hint of Autumn in the air. Hint of melancholy as we discussed the recent demise of George Tolliday who loved fishing so much and particularly dry fly fishing at Newbridge. Melancholy soon dispersed as we recalled his Black Country humour and the hilarious sweeping generalisations of a profound curmudgeon - cricket players, politicians, rugby players ...  all a load of puffters!

    We welcomed Darren Bore who had visited here last year and had done so well fishing Klink and dink for the grayling. He soon showed that it was by no means a flash in the pan as he repeated the performance on the shoal of grayling in the Aber Pool.

     Roger's introduction to light line fishing (3 weight rod and line and 1.8lb leader) came to an abrupt end when a near one pound Brown Trout obediently obeyed the pull of the line and came to our feet but then changed its mind. When you see a fish decide that it is going to rocket off to distant parts there isn't much time to explain that unless some line is released and the fish allowed to run off for a distance, the molecular forces maintaining the integrity of the copolymer forming the leader will be overwhelmed by the resultant stresses imposed upon it and it will break. So my shout of "Let it go! Let it go!" was met by incomprehension and a broken leader. Still, it was all my fault as Roger explained that I had set him up for a fall by providing him with a leader of near zero breaking strain. So that was alright then. We then put a similar fly onto his set up and were pleased to discover that the sucees dwelt in the pattern and not the fineness of the leader.

    Another very enjoyable day by the river and the threatened rain held off.

One of the last trips that I took him fishing.

  29 October 2016

Demise of George Tolliday    1 September 2018


     I'm sorry to report the passing of one of the old members of the Society. He was approaching his 92nd birthday I believe. He joined in the same year as I did (1968) and served for many years on the committee and was also treasurer for a time. He was a very good chub angler with bread, luncheon meat and his beloved cheese paste both on float and light ledger. He was also a very keen fly fisherman and on our trips to Newbridge was known as Dry Fly George. Our friendship was cemented when he challenged me to a "Proper Competition" (i.e. Dry Fly only) after I had caught a lot of fish on a Wet Fly which he thought was not proper fly fishing. We would sometimes fish together after that taking it in turns to catch a fish and trying different flies until we found the killing pattern for the day.

     He was very good company and all his friends miss him but still laugh at the memory of his pithy comments on all and sundry.

Wicken's Pool  1 September 2018  (Re-located from Ham Bridge)

  Lovely late Summer's day brought the carp out to play again and everyone caught fish. Shirley showed what he could do (I think he has been holding back for bets but eventually realised that no-one was going to start betting so decided to get on with the fishing!).

  I messed about for ages before starting to fish and first drop in hooked a carp - my lucky day - then when it came in close it went round a snag and the hook came out and the rig went deep into the overhanging tree. A knight in shining armour came to my rescue and felled half the tree and my rig was rescued - many thanks Ian.

  To my dismay Peter turned up a little late so I knew I had slipped one further down but amazingly after a couple of hours he hadn't caught anything! - my lucky day - but a big gust blew some leaves off the tree and snagged his line so he moved round the corner (and won the competition!).

   Then with two hours to go Tony Q turned up so I was going to slip another place down the rankings - but he hadn't brought any bait with him!  He had only come for a chat - this is my lucky day - then Shirley gave him some bait !!

   How could I possibly swing things my way. I need a guardian angel - and he promptly appears in his shorts bearing the glad tidings that there is to be a party this evening at Wicken's farm at 7 o'clock with a gazillion cars parked blocking everything. I blessed my guardian angel, who was disguised as Shirley, quickly conferred with Richard who was fishing nearby and passed on the edict that the competition would end at five o'clock prompt. The guardian angel stomped off and proclaimed in a loud voice that  "Lance says that we have to finish at five o'clock".

    Seriously though  my thanks go to Tony (for I think that is how we learned about the party) for saving the day from a sour ending by avoiding the Izaak Walton getting all mixed up in the traffic.

    Our thanks again to Shirley for mowing the grass so neatly that it prompted the farmer to cut the grass where we park the cars, and my congratulations to Ian and Peter for showing the true potential of the fishing.

Newbridge   23 August 2018

Overnight rain had raised the water level a couple of inches just right for upstream nymph - WRONG AGAIN!!  Roger fished down and across with a tiny pink nymph and filled his boots (figuratively). T

August  20

    Ian sent me this photograph of an unusual catch by his son-in-law at Wickens Pool.

Congratulations to Mark Davenport for catching this fine Grass Carp.

    [ I cannot confirm or deny that Shirley has been teaching it to climb out at night and trim the grass around the pool. ] 

    I have been told that they are very strong fish and it certainly looks powerful.  Perhaps I will be lucky enoughto catch it one day and find out for myself.  Many thanks Mark for taking the photo.

Wickens Pool  18 August  2018

       Forecast a warm day with little sun but a stiff breeze which turned out about right.  Everyone said how low it was "Just look at the overflow. I've never seen it so low" and similar rubbish so I set up a light rig for fishing under the bush. When I came to plumb the depth I found that the stem of the float was practically touching the bottom - do you know I've never seen it so low!!

       Four pole sections out from the dam found me plenty of water and plenty of fish - about 3 inches long!   Eventually I found that by adding water to the groundbait and making it like putty I could pot in balls of groundbait containing maggots to carry the maggots to the bottom where the carp frightened away the little roach. By putting all the shot down to the top of the hooklength I could usually get passed the roach to the carp. Then every time I caught a carp it frightened the others away so I had to put some more groundbait in - repeat ad nauseam.  I was worn out by the final whistle.

       Next time I will use 4mm pellets for feed and bait to see if I can beat the tiny roach and use a heavier rig so that the bait will shoot down past the tinies. When I work out why it doesn't work I will let you know.

       When I got home my wife wouldn't believe I had been to Wicken Pool - the sole of my boots were as clean as a cat. This was due to the continuing hard work of Shirley with the mower and the civil engineering skills of Shirley("If it civil it's nothing to do with me") and Ian bridging the boggy bits with paving slabs. Many thanks to Shirley and Ian - we do appreciate your hard work. 

Newbridge  9 August 2018

       A cooler day than of late but plenty of sunshine to make it very pleasant. Not much fly-life, as was to be expected under the conditions, so dry fly was a bit of a struggle. Richard fished his fly half sunk and Roger pinched a couple of my lightly weight nymphs to combat the conditions. Peter showed his versatility by catching a chub on bread, grayling on worm and grayling on fly. I think he could have caught a barrow-load of grayling on the worm if he had wanted to but was amusing himself by trying everything. Everyone caught fish and it was a very enjoyable day.

Newbridge  26 July 2018

      Forecast to be very hot and it was but there was a bit of overcast from time to time so it was very pleasant. Fished Grimwood's pool for half an hour before deciding that it had been fished hard by a flock of goosanders and a family of otters in addition to a visit from that bloke who randomly throws pots of cyanide into the river. Walked downstream and met Richard walking up (to get his coarse fishing gear). He had been hurling a dry fly at some grayling which had sometimes risen halfway up to look at the fly before slowly swimming away in disgust.

      The White Knight rode to the rescue and I gave him a fly to try while I went back to the car for some finer leader material. When I came back he was just landing a grayling having already caught a small trout so I left him to it. He caught all his fish on that poor overworked size 20 - ahhhh.

      Later in the afternoon I went down to see how Dave was going on at Upper Hoyval. He had about fished it out so left me to it. He had been plagued by fish coming off the hook which so often happens when conditions mean that they are a bit half-hearted at taking the bait. I fished it down with a Czech nymph and caught a few but lost several more so I fished it back up with lighter nymphs and caught quite a few without losing more than a couple. Fishing upstream normally results in a better hookhold as you are pulling the hook into the fishes mouth rather than out of it.

      The results of course only include fish over 10 inches and we all caught quite a number of fish under that size to keep us interested. Dave was trotting small worms while the rest of us stuck to flies presented in many ways.

      A thoroughly enjoyable day and I learned a lot. I find it fascinating that having fished for grayling and having caught hundreds and hundreds of them over the last 60 years or so I still keep finding out more all the time - perhaps I'm a slow learner!

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Wickens Pool  19 July 18

5 photos

    Lovely day for fishing with a light breeze to temper the heat. Lots of carp were caught by some people while others struggled. Sometimes you get one of those swims which do not seem to hold any fish on the day - even swims where you have caught fish recently. This isn't to detract from the angling skill of Peter Mountford and Tony Quarterman for instance but it adds to the delicious uncertainty of it all.

    One very competent angler, Dave Evason, chose his swim with great care but had to abandon it in the afternoon as he got more than he had bargained for - ants in large quantities!

     I didn't do justice to my swim through ignorance and trying to do two things at once. I put some corn and hemp and other grains in a mash under the bush I was fishing against and put in some other groundbait and maggots on a line further out. Bubbles showed that they were feeding on the groundbait but I only caught a couple of small roach with the maggot.  I tried sweetcorn and eventually caught a small carp. I went back to the car and brought back some expander pellets but the bubblers ignored those as well. I kept wasting time on the inside line but only caught a few twigs. With half an hour to go I added a bit of water to the groundbait and mixed in plenty of maggots. I potted that in followed by a good handful of maggots as well. I promptly caught a couple of carp. I think the smaller quantity of maggot I was putting in earlier were all being eaten in mid water by the little roach before the carp had a chance of seeing them. I'll know better next time.

     Sometimes the winner of a big fishing competition will be thrown into the water at the end of the match by his mates. Some people don't need the stimulus of winning, nor do they need a big competition, nor do they need the help of their mates. Enter Dave Hemming who when asked to lift out his keepnet stepped onto a piece of bank which wasn't there and launched his not inconsiderable bulk into Wicken's Pool taking his fishing box in with him. A pretty sight indeed as he rose like Aphrodite from the foam surrounded by half a lifetime's collection of fishing floats. I'm sorry I do not have a photo of the occasion but he declined to repeat the performance for your benefit. We got him out and retrieved most of his floats and he appeared non the worse for his adventure.

     We are back at Wickens on the 18 August 2018.

     Before that we have a couple of trips to Newbridge and anyone who fancies light ledgering breadflake for chub or showing Dave Evason how to catch grayling on a trotted worm or catching trout and grayling on a fly will be very welcome. Contact Lance or Richard.

Newbridge on Wye  Fly-only Competition.   5 July 2018

     There are times when we curse the cold water released from the Elan Valley Dams complex but under the heatwave conditions we are experiencing we must regard them as a blessing. The Wye not only has a guaranteed minimum compensation flow from the dams but also acts as a conduit for water released from the dams which is pumped out near Monmouth to supply part of South Wales.

      The river was a nice height but fly life was at a minimum so dry fly fishing was a lesson in frustration. Our guest Simon Barker, although experienced in still water fly fishing, had never fished a wild river before. Fortunately Richard still carries his thigh waders with him, which he has abandoned wearing once he took to wearing chest waders, so saved the day by lending them to Simon. I persuaded some small grayling and trout to attack Simon's fly so he was not water-whacked. I think perhaps in the extreme conditions Simon found the experience required a degree of athleticism to which he was not accustomed but it was hot enough to test anyone.

       The two Rs stuck mainly to dry fly but the grayling would rarely do more that swim half way to the surface before losing interest. I sent my flies down to greet them using relatively light Czech nymphs and was rewarded by the attention of several of them. An interesting day for me but damned frustrating for everyone else.

Tenbury   Comp.        30 June 2018

      Heatwave conditions and low water and a stretch that none of us had fished under these conditions before were not conducive to large catches and boy did we get small catches! Even sat in the shade, drenched with sweat after wielding a brush-hook and spade for an hour, did not result in pneumonia or even a desire for a fleece waistcoat (I think there is a name for those but I'm damned if I can remember - a jacquet. a tabard, a jacquard, I don't know if it's amnesia, Crutz-Jacob's disease, dementia, old age or Alzheimer's).

      I was armed with maggots and small cubes of luncheon meat. My swim was about 3 feet over bed-rock right across the river with a fairly fast current. I hadn't brought my maggot bag to hang round my neck and I couldn't set up my table to go alongside my chair because I couldn't push the bankstick into the bedrock. I floatfished for a couple of hours and caught two small but sizeable chub but couldn't feed regularly to do justice to the swim. Then I walked downstream along the ledge under the bank to where the water deepened. I ended up using a couple of AAA shot as a rolling ledger and caught lots of tiny chub and managed to have five over 6 inches to weigh-in 1-07-00. I never caught a single minnow but found I had gill-netted a loach in my landing net. A tricky 3 minute extraction job and I'm glad to say that the patient survived the operation with only two sore opercula to show for it.

      I was amazed to find that no-one else had caught anything so I had my first win for a long time.

Newbridge on Wye   Comp.  21 June 2018


      River low and clear with some additional water from the dams. Sunny day but a cool northerly breeze. I had made some measuring sticks (again), - 12 inches but marked at 10 inches as well. Discussion before we started decided on 10 inch limit for the day to see how it worked out.

       Dave caught five 8 inch trout (which didn't count)  in his day's catch but only a few grayling under 10 inches and only a few between 10 and 12 inches. These were all caught on small worms.

        Richard's three grayling were all 12+ on dry fly  while my ten had three under 12 inches all on Czech nymphs.

        I didn't have details of Peter Daper's catch but he fished dry fly and caught several under the 12 inch limit as well as over.   George fished cheese paste and only had the one fish, a trout over the 12 inches.

Peter perfecting perennial pose - This time with a tailess chub.

       The perfect result - shot No. 6

The likely lads. Lance, Ian, Tony, Peter and Richard. Click on the photos to enlarge them - if you dare!       16.6.18

Newmill Bridge June 16

    I was amazed to see that the river was several inches above low Summer level with a bit of colour. Living in Wellie Wales I am accustomed to having rain at home and finding the Teme dead low so the reversal came as a shock. Still it looked a good colour for maggot fishing. It rose a little for most of the day and the consensus was that it was road run-off which doesn't help the fishing.

     Tony Quarterman has put in a lot of work on the bank making many swims accessible. If I lived a bit nearer I would spend a bit of time sorting it out and catching more fish!  Tony caught fish from 2 different swims, losing a couple of barbel under the trees at the first swim. Peter caught his minnow allowance for the year fishing at the Pike Hole before swapping over to luncheon meat and catching some chub.

      As Chairman I demanded that everyone should pose for a group photograph before the results were announced by Richard. As an example of democracy I included myself in the command. Now these delayed action photos are a bit of a puzzle if you don't do them very often. I have included my first attempt to illustrate what can happen, but eventually all went well and an example of sartorial elegance was recorded for posterity.

     I handed out 6 inch measuring  sticks for interest sake as this is the size limit  for Dace and Chub in society competitions on the Teme.

Wickens Pool Competition  May 19

        A glorious summers day - the dashing Prince Harry and Meghan to marry - it was all too much for Shirley; he left at half time with the excuse that he wanted to watch his son playing bowls! The tadpoles were overcome with emotion and formed black shoals at the back of the island. Question: I have been told and I have read that fish eat tadpoles - have any of my dear readers ever seen a fish eat a tadpole? I've seen oodles of pools stuffed with fish and tadpoles and they seem to co-exist happily.

        A glorious day but not without tragedy. Geoff lost a couple of carp but landed three despite his health problems, but when he came to weigh-in he discovered that the mice had eaten a large hole in his net and the fish  had all swum away. There can be few more disappointing moments in life.

         The day had its comic moments. I have poor hearing but eventually in the late afternoon  I realised that Dave   was struggling with his pole elastic so lent him my pole which I was not using.   Dave had jury rigged a topkit on his pole and when I presented him with a new toy he quickly dumped the jury rigged top kit and went about setting up a new rig on my pole. A carp, having waited all day for this moment, sidled up to the bait on the jury rigged top kit which Dave had abanboned and scampered off with  the top of Dave pole into the middle of the lake gurgling with laughter. All was not lost because when the competition had finished the punt with Connor aboard was launched and the top of the pole recovered.

         Dave said my pole was a good one as he caught four carp on it in the last three-quarters of an hour.

         Our thanks to Shirley for mowing the grass, it really does make for a pampered feeling and I can soak up plenty of that!

         On a more general note Tony reported that he had met the owner of the air strip at Newmill Bridge who was happy for members to drive down it to access the bottom end of the water. NB When driving along the airstrip keep to the edge of the strip furthest from the hedge. The planes land in a nose-up attitude so cannot see in front of them and watch the hedge for guidance.

         Our thanks to Tony for the work he has been doing spraying the vegetation again.

13 May 2018  Bank Clearance Newmill

Richard, Ed, Tony and I turned up on a lovely summers morning. Down the runway to the bottom boundary and Tony (Chainsaw Man) set about some large branches overhanging the path. I dug some steps down to the bottom peg hoping that the logging crew didn't drop in on me. We improved the access to several swims and cut off overhanging branches. Tony (now Sprayer Man) was ensuring access in other places. We looked in on the Millenium Oaks and pondered what to do about some of the enveloping trees.

Ed had brought with him a ferocious extending arm, rachet assisted pair of loppers which were most impressive cutting branches which I would have had to get the saw to. Richard and I are handy doing what elephants do in Burma - hauling branches - but much smaller branches than elephants manage.

Ed was intrigued by some black fungi which grow on dead wood (usually Ash). They produced these stone-hard hemispheres up to the size of a tennis ball which are named Cramp Balls or King Alfred's cakes in some parts of the country. They are so hard that they will blunt a chain saw used by the unwary.

Ed was also our cameraman on the day

Richard with his carp 3-06-00

April 14

Peter Mountford  selfie with  Bream

      3-14-00    24.2.18  Tenbury                                         

Ian Wilson Carp 5-06-00 19.1.18 Wickens

 Remember  Bank clearing at Ham Bridge this coming Sunday (22nd). 10 am sharp at the rear of the farm buildings - bring your sun hat.

April 28

Wickens Pool Competition.

       The pool is sheltered from the north east so the cold wind and rain didn't cause any severe cases of hypothermia and enabled me to erect my umbrella without risk of becoming airborne. The fish were surprisingly co-operative despite the conditions and the best carp was Peter Mountford's 4-11-00 .  It was good to see the pool fishing well with double figure bags for the podium places.

       I have invested in a whip (don't get too excited Richard, this is strictly a fishing website although those who fished the first competition of the year must have some maso. tendencies) and had great fun whisking out small roach and perch. A small carp was successfully subdued but I didn't have the opportunity to test it on a larger specimen.

       Our thanks once more to Shirley for mowing the grass and to whoever had trimmed the branches off a tree that I was fishing against (my first suspect is Ian - thanks).

       I managed to take a few photos but need to hone my photographic skills evidently.

Remember  Bank clearing at Newmill bridge on Sunday 13th of May. Meet in the car park by the bridge at 10 am sharp.

14 April 2018

Wickens Pool Competition.

    The second of the year for some but I had to call off the first one because, although I was confident I could get there, I wasn't sure I would get back because of the snow forecast. In fact the direct route for me was blocked that night for nearly a week.

     No snow this time but a lovely sunny day ( not lovely for fishing) although the southerly breeze still had some of March's chill about it. The better fish were sulking and tiddler snatching was the order of the day, although Dave Hemming caught a couple of quite nice roach. I had returned about half a dozen tiny fish before I went for a walk around the pool and found that those were the fish to keep! I must have had a couple of dozen at least for my 1-08-00 which made me king of the tiddler snatchers but not king of the day. Richard Stowe with half an hour to go decided that he would have to give up on the carp and take up tiiddler snatching himself. On went the small float, small hook and single maggot and fling in a few freebees. He only caught one tiddler but that was a carp going to 3-06-00!   I love him really. Really I do!   I do!   That sound I make grinding my back teeth is because I'm very pleased for him.

      Actually is was a very enjoyable day in the sun with a swallow (the first I had seen this year) zipping around. Shirley had managed to mow the grass around the pool the day before, despite the wet conditions, and it really looked great.

24 February 2018

With the threat of a week of Siberian air most of us are checking the anti-freeze or adding to the insulation of the outside tap but Peter Mountford goes fishing!  Not only goes fishing but catches fish. He used to fish the stretch of water just below Tenbury that the Society has just bought and that's where he went to catch the fine Bream (3-14-00), pictured, on floatfished maggot

2 February 2018

Mike Cook and Ed Bond have worked their magic so that people logging into the old site are automatically directed to this site. Mike who built the original site became too busy to keep updating it and his work was so highly technical that we could not find anyone who could maintain it. This site is built on  a website building program which does not need any knowledge of coding - a pragmatic approach like driving a car without knowing how the engine works

19 January 2018

Ian has had some good catches recently at Wickens. On Wednesday (17th) 5 Carp and 2 Roach and on the 19th 6 Carp with the best just under 5 1/2 lbs (See pic on left). You will see from the photograph that one of the advantages of fishing at Wickens is that the sun always shines. The photographers among you will have noticed some odd distortions around the periphery of the photograph - yes  my photoshopping skills are not of the highest. I had to upright the image by 8 degrees which gave me a wedge on both sides and the image was a bit too narrow which involved adding a bit to both sides anyway. The edge of the image cut across that tackle box thing on the lower right and in retrospect it would have looked better if I had grassed over it! The addition to the landing net behind the fishes tail was not one of my finest moments either but the main thing is the fish and that is great!