Renewing Bank TFR


    Paying by Bank Transfer

Please complete the form below. Bear with us when we demand that you fill in the name that you will use as the transfer reference but without it we can spend hours of detective work trying to find out who paid. (We know that most people account has their name on it but if it is named "Gym No.2" then the Poirot hat comes out.)

Please go with us when we ask for your date of birth - our insurance people demand it.

Annual Subscription is                £40.00

Concessionary Subscription      £30.00

Concessionary rate (75% of full subscription) available after 10 yrs continuous membership  and a minimum age of 65

Junior (18 or under on 1st Jan)    £3.00

Salmon permit add £6.00 (To any of the above who wish to fish for salmon)


Right! We now have all the information needed but you may wish to make a note of our Sort Code and Account Number listed below for your Bank Transfer.

Please click on the "SEND" button to send the information to the Secretary

Our Sort code  30-94-70   A/c No. 32793068